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Marka Ragnos:
One mistake in that map: Karelian, Ingrian and Vepsian are not own languages but dialects of Finnish. :wink:


--- Alıntı yapılan: YazarTurk - 03 Mart 2008 ---Many of our brothers who live in other countries seem to be under the threat of getting assimilated. Some are forcibly assimilated, like the Azerbaijan Turks in North-Eastern Iran. Then again, many of our people are becoming minorities in their own lands, for example, the Uighurs in East Turkistan.

The fact that our lands are getting "invaded", and some of our people losing their way of life, is a dangerous and a grave one. I think that something needs to be done before it's too late, before what happened to the Bulgarians happens to other Turanians.

Also, there's the kurds multiplying in Turkey like rabbits. They're a threat that if not dealt with soon, will be too large to deal with.

Foreigners should leave our lands, if not willingly, then with force!

--- Alıntı sonu ---

How True ...

In Iran, Azeri Turks are getting brainwashed by the Persians that they would be Turkized local Persians. Though they're mixed (you can, unfortunately, see some dark and hairy people among them), the strongest element is the Turkic One.

And do you know that the birthrate of the Turks in Turkey is beginning to decrease ! (-0.8%/year).
If you add the fact that some go to mix with the Armenoïd or Kurdish (mix of Armo and Jew), we'll soon disappear, if we don't act.
If not, maybe the name of the country would remain Turk, but you'll not find more than a few millions Turks, mistreated, frightened by the risk of a genocide.

I agree completley brother. I am also aware that the birthrate of Turks in Turkey are decreasing. We are face to face with a great danger, and I believe that this decade is very crucial, as we have to do something before it ends, before the Turks become a minority in Turkey! Before Turks in Iran and other places forget their roots and who they are!

Marka Ragnos:
And also Hungarian-speaking area is also in Eastern-Transsylvania, and Csango-dialect is spoken also in Moldova. :wink:

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