Turkic Genocide

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--- Alıntı yapılan: ilteriş9 - 11 Şubat 2008 ---I have been to Bulgaria too, and I have seen no one who looked liked the average Turkic from the Steppes.

--- Alıntı sonu ---
No, Indeed Anda, but I think they look like Turkey's Turks. You say they weren't numberous when they had invaded the current Bulgaria; I don't know. However I don't think either, the information I gave hereunder about their anthropology are baseless.

 Nice list and good hjob Anda.

 But you forgot Jews and Israel. I add them too...

 Israel & Jews : Fought  against Turks in Gallipoli and Palestine Front with allying English( Their military unit was called Zion Mule Corps) in WWI, spying against Turks for English im WWI, supporting all kurdish bastards in North Iraq and other separatist kurd terrorists, in 2004 Attacking Turk Special Forces Convoy in Mosoul and killing 4 Turkish soldiers, desiring to take Turk lands for Greater Israel(from Nile to Europhate) and buying these lands whic are mostly water resources of Middle East. And exporting harmful seeds to destroy Turkish Agriculture.

 Never forget our Wise ATSIZ ATA claimed:

 " Jews are the enemy of all nations that they can sell the land and the flag where they lived for money"


Marka Ragnos:
And I would add that most USA-actions were/are lead from israel or from jews in US.

Marka Ragnos:
Three jews from USA in picture:

One pic can tell sometimes more than 1000 words. :wink:

Thank you for the share, anda.

Now I remember one such photo too:


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