Waffen SS Turkestan Legion in the 2nd World War.


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--- Alıntı ---Osttürkischer Waffen-Verband der SS was formed 1944 as 1. Ostmuselmanisches SS-Regiment with the support of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, with the intension of expanding it to a division, Muselmanischen SS-Division Neu-Turkistan. The men came from the Turkic units in the Heer that were disbanded (450th, 480th and I/94 Turkic battalions), prisoners of war and men working in Germany.


It was transferred to Belorussia Feb 1944 were it trained and was used for anti-partisan missions.

The unit contained some troublesome elements and SS-Hauptsturmführer Billig tried to handle the problem by shooting 78 suspected mutineers, but he was soon removed from command.


It was sent to Poland where it fought the Polish Home Army during the Warsaw uprising, being attached to the SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger.

It was transferred to Slovakia in the autumn of 1944 where it was redesignated Osttürkischen Waffen-Verbande der SS. In Dec 1944 450 - 500 deserted from this unit of which 300 later returned.


The Azerbaijani regiment was removed from the unit 30 Dec 1944 and transferred to Kaukasischer Waffen-Verband der SS. It received soldiers from the disbanded Waffen-Gebirgs-Brigade der SS (Tatar Nr. 1) Feb 1945 to replace the Azerbaijani soldiers.

It was transferred to Austria were it continued to train until the end of the war.

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