Here's the latest turn from the jews in Jobbik

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The run by a Jobbik parlamentary representative Előd Novák (a Czeck Jew) in the wake of a right wing representative getting elected to the Greek parlament, alleges Atatürk is responsible for genocide against greeks in 1924. (And reiterates the Armenian genocide)

Those of you still supporting the Jobbik - led by 4 jews - Szegedi Csanád (grandmother name Klein),  Baló/Morvai Krisztina (Schwartz, husband György Baló and kids are 100% jewish), Tamás Sneider the string puller behind the scenes, and Novák the media clown, and one Gipsy - Zázrovecz/Vona Gábor a Serbian Gipsy shoud open your eyes wide:

Hungarians are your brothers, and friends but the Jobbik is not. They will say anything that is in their interest at the moment.

Türkistan Ordusu:
Possible. Politics are dirty fields after all. There are plenty of hypocrites here and there.
Hungary seems to be far from being homogenous nation; like Turkey after all.

 We had no full support for JOBBÝK. There were some positive statements of Gabor Vona about Turks. So it had take some positive comments in Turkey and our forum too.

 From your view, we see that there are so many fractions inside of JOBBÝK. Especially Jews have an effective lobby and their own too. An article depends the web site who published it. Not all JOBBÝK or its supporters.
 So what your opinions about other political parties in Hungary? Which one is friend of Turks? You only criticize JOBBÝK. Please inform us with details. Not only with comments.

It's not a question of many factions but a question of many faces, and who is behind them.
There is no political parties, or any large organizations you can trust. That is the situation.

Every major organization is under the control of our enemies one way or the other - some more than others. There are a few small groups who are still free - but they are either indifferent to Turks, or are more or less unfriendly towards all non-europeans.


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