Anti-Turkism by some of the famous man from time:

Stories of the Wolf-Turk also gave Europe this negative image of the Turks. The Wolf-Turk was claimed to be a man-eating being, half animal half human with a Wolf’s head and tail. Military power and cruelty were the recurring attributes in all these claims about the origins of the Turks.

I want to start with Wolf-Turks comment that was made.. I mean get a life seriously. Man eating half wolf half human. This is not Hollywood Brother!.. To be honest these types of speculations and making people believe in such nonsense, I do not have a word for such stupidity.

I’m happy to be a “audacious villain” ( as Bishop Fabri of Vienna  said ) trying to defend my land and looking after what’s mine is my lawful right under any circumstances. God created all living things on this planet,  is it not that animals protect and fight for their lives and defend their tribe.  Is it not that mother nature is changing and erupting due to pollution people has caused this planet. Is it not that man kind ( Not only Turk’s ) but all nations have fought and protected their country even today in the year 2012.

Regarding Martin Luther claimed “that God had sent the Turks to punish the Christians in the same way as he had sent war, plagues and earthquakes”.
These words are coming from a man ( priest ) whom was suffering from several illnesses and deteriorating health in his later years of life. To me he has suffered more from brain lost than any other illnesses.

Voltaire and other European writers criticized and have stated “The Turks as tyrants who destroyed Europe's heritage”.
What Heritage?? Europe was under the Ottoman Empire for 623 years. Hunnic Empire ( Around c. 370 ) AD–469 bordered the Eastern Roman Empire to the southeast and the Western Roman Empire to the west and southwest; its other boundaries are uncertain around c. 370 AD–469. Last but not least the Mongol Empire!... The largest contiguous land empire in human history. Beginning in the Central Asian steppes, it eventually stretched from Eastern Europe to the Sea of Japan, covering large parts of Siberia in the north and extending southward into Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Iranian plateau, and the Middle East. At its greatest extent it spanned 9,700 km (6,000 mi), covered an area of 33,000,000 km2 (12,700,000 sq mi), 22% of the Earth's total land area, and held sway over a population of 100 million. Yet along you have the nerve to say THE TURKS AS TYRANTS WHO DESTROYED EUROPE”S HERITAGE. Well Mösyö Voltaire you are a joke.

Over all my conclusion is  this;
I’m happy and proud to be a Turk, have always been. My ancestry is coming from a great line of Bravery, Honesty and Warriors whom will fight, kill or die for the propose of one thing and one thing only THE TURKISH NATION!... Yeah so be it, call us the audacious villain, barbaric Turks , Half men half wolf creature but remember this, it is in our existence in our veins to be fighters and warriors. Its has and will always be our duty to protect and maintain what is ours.

Börü Tegin:
There is many insultüng proverbs in other languages, examples;
- ' Puzzo come un Turco' It.: Smells like a Turk.
- ' Mamma il Turchil' It.: Mom, Turks are coming.
- ' Fumore come un Turco' It.: Smoke like a Turk.
- ' Liegt ein Turke tot in Keller, waren die deutschen wieder schneller.' Ger.: There is a dead body of a Turk in cellar, Germans were faster than Turks again.
- ' Es ist schon dunkel. Turken kommen!' Aus.: It's dark enough, Turks are coming!
- ' Türk-i Har.' Per.: Turk the donkey
- ' Sint som en Tyrker' Nor.: Angry as a Turk.


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