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Çevrimdışı Marka Ragnos

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« : 18 Ağustos 2007 »
Concerning that video of tajik and dagestani executed...

Kavkaz Center has received from an anonymous address a statement signed by "the National Socialist Party of Russia, which assumed the responsibility for the brutal killing of two Muslims - Dagestanian Tajik.

Let us remind that the video footage of the execution was aired in the Internet on August 13, but a few hours later was removed from the majority of the servers.

On the morning of August 14 the video footage of killing of Muslims reappeared on some servers of Russian internet and western video sharing services. In particular, on the YouTube. A few hours later YouTube has removed the footage. Click here to download the video.

On the night of August 14 along with a link to the video of the murder KC received a statement of the "NSP of Russia". Let us point out in this regard that is not possible to determine exactly who was behind the killing of Muslims and the following statement.

Many representatives of the NSP indicate the provocation of the Kremlin, which through the structure of FSB prepares a crackdown on Russian National Socialists. KC does not know whether is true or not.

KC is publishing the statement of the National Socialist Party of Russia without any changes.


The Statement of the National Socialist Party of Russia

Our party is military vanguard of National Socialistic struggle.

1. We are announcing a beginning by our party an armed struggle against black colonists and those who support them from Russian officials.

2. We consider the necessity of expulsion of Caucasians and Asians from the territory of Russia.

3. We consider the necessity of giving independence to all the republics of the Caucasus (including Chechnya) with the expulsion of whole Caucasian population of Russia there.

4. We demand to release National Socialists from Russian prisons and to stop the persecution against Maksim Martsinevich.

4. We demand from President putin (in the statement the name was written with lowercase - KC) to resign and hand all power to the National Socialist government, which should be formed by Dmitry Germanovich Rumyantsev, the leader of the National Socialist society of Russia.

5. We recognize the political leadership of a National Socialist Society (NSS), we are the armed wing, operating independently.

6. We would not stop struggling until the power is not handed to the National Socialist government.

The Main HQ of combat brigades of National Socialist Party of Russia.

Kavkaz Center

And I say that give Karelia, Kuriles, Tatarstan etc. back and continue your live to original Russia. Then we can talk about alliances etc...

Though that video was good.

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« Yanıtla #1 : 06 Eylül 2007 »

Türük Oguz begleri bodun eşid: üze teŋri basmasar asra yir telinmeser Türük Bodun iliŋin törügün kim artatı utaçı erti? Türük Bodun ertin, ökün!

Çevrimdışı Marka Ragnos

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« Yanıtla #2 : 06 Eylül 2007 »
Well, russkies have fully rights to want country only for them. BUT, only if that happens russkies historical areas. :wink:

Historical original Russia is Pskov-Novgorod-Tver triangle, and I agree that it belongs only to russkies, but only that area belongs to them. :wink:

And about that video, those executed scums were rapists. They dont deserve any mercy or humanity.